Live Dates


9th – Cafe Mode, (Covent Garden, London)

13th – Cafe Mode, (Covent Garden, London)

           Deadset Comedy – new material, (Lancaster Gate, London)

15th – Watersmeet Theatre, (Rickmansworth, London)

23rd – Bearcat Comedy, (Twickenham, London)

24th – Cafe Mode, (Covent Garden, London)

25th – Angel Comedy, (Angel, London)

28th – Mirth Control, (Swindon)

30th – Cafe Mode, (Covent Garden, London)


1st – Mazel Tov and Cocktails: A Night of Treif Comedy!, The Bill Murray/Angel Comedy, (Angel, London)


2nd – Top Secret Comedy Club, Covent Garden (London)

6th – Mock Tudor Comedy, (Surrey)

7th – Mirth Control, (Ware)

9th – Funhouse Comedy Club, (Derby)

23rd – Limmud Festival, (Birmingham)

Note: I will update this list here and there but not too often because I’m busy watching a lot of Seinfeld. Also, I gig a lot and most of those won’t be on this list due to me being ashamed of doing those gigs (joke). If you want a more detailed list of where I’ll be, message me on the contact page.