Treif Comedy

Who are we?

Treif Comedy is the comedy duo of London-based, Jewish stand-up comedians Elie Kraft and Katie Price. They regularly host progressive, Jewish comedy shows (it’s better than it sounds) which are a mix of stand-up comedy and talk-show. Every show, they are joined on stage by a different, handpicked special guest (another Jew from the comedy circuit). Treif Comedy shows are held at the excellent Bill Murray pub in Islington, part of the Angel Comedy Club franchise.

Why did we start Treif Comedy?

We felt that the current Jewish comedy scene in the UK did not accurately reflect our values or the views of our generation, and pined for a broader range of Jewish comedy. While the UK certainly has plenty of excellent progressive Jewish comedians, few are discussing their heritage proudly on stage.

We both attended Jewish schools and highly valued our Jewish upbringings, which was a large motivation in creating these shows. We believe that Jews can identify with their Judaism in many ways, and for us, we connect with ours through comedy. This belief was fully realised last year when we performed our sold-out show to around 300 Jews at Limmud Festival.

Our next show will be at the Bill Murray pub on May 13th. Tickets can be purchased here: